Gear Services

Aerocom specializes in form grinding internal/external, spur and helical gears utilizing the latest generation dressable and non-dressable gear grinding technology. This allows efficient and economical production of single part prototype and medium production runs. Aerocom focuses on gears and shafts ranging in diameter from ¼ “ to 16” (3 dp to 48 dp). We look forward to hearing from you about you next gear project.


Featured Machines


High precision grinding of internal and external spur and helical gears, splines and special forms. Capable of diameters from ½” thru 19”, lengths up to 24”. Grinding head swivel +/- 90 deg. Integrated inspection. Integrated dressable and CBN technology.

GHO 350

6 axis CNC hobbing. Capable of spur, helical, worm, and double helical gear hobbing up to 14” O.D.